Freedom Forum Video Collection

Videos posted on Youtube (shadowban land) by Freedom Forum are listed below.  New additions coming soon.

Emotional Trucker Reads Letter From 11 Year Old

Truckers for Freedom Advance Worldwide!

RFK Jr. Speaks Out: We Need to Stand Up For Freedom!

“Sound of Freedom” trailer and POWERFUL speech by Jim Caviezel!

The Truth About Getting the Jab

Is Fauci Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity?

Nic Vujicic Blockbuster Interview

The Unstoppables Are Coming!

BLM and Antifa Exposed at the Capitol

Pence in his Red Tie at TPUSA

Take A Stand for the People’s President! Donald J. Trump!

Let’s Take the 2021 “What If?” Challenge Together!

The Greatest Fear of the Mainstream Media

Trump’s Royal Flush

The Early Morning Vote Spikes of Nov 4th – Snippet From Epoch Times Christmas Election Documentary

The Disgusting Leaked SCOTUS Conversation That Led to the Rejection of the Texas Case!

Sebastian Gorka’s Scorching Review of William Barr’s Performance as Attorney General

Michigan Trump Supporter Speaks Out: We Are Fighting for the World

President Trump Receives A Roaring Applause at Army-Navy Game

The People’s General Michael Flynn Addresses Patriots in DC Rally

Eric Swalwell is a Tool of the Chinese Government!

Breaking News: Manchurian Candidate ID Officially Confirmed!

Ground Shaking Developments on Dominion, SCOTUS PA Case, and More

Game On! the Republican’s Make or Break Moment! Bannon War Room Highlights 12/4/2020

The Plot Against the President Movie Intro with Director Amanda Milius

Linn Wood Tells Georgia Rally Joe Biden Will Never Be President

Optimistic Team Trump Election Battle Update from Dick Morris

Dominion Cockroaches Are On the Run!

Dr. Steve Turley showcases the Incredible Shrinking Fox News Network

CEO of Overstock Patrick Byrne Weighs in on the Dominion Election Steal

Sidney Powell Newsmax Interview November 21, 2020. “Biblical” Proportions of Voter Fraud.

Kayleigh McEnany Schools Reporters on Orderly Transfer of Power

Blockbuster Reveal by Senior Trump Attorneys! Opening Argument Preview Assures Election Victory!

Jay Sekulow Explains the Thumb Drive Debacle

Drop and Roll: How the Dems Tried to Steal the 2020 Election

This is Not A Drill. Newly Acquired Information by Team Trump Will Blow Your Mind!

Dr. Steve Turley Unpacks the Sidney Powell Election Fraud Bombshell

Sidney Powell Unloads Election Bombshell on Sunday Morning Futures, 11/15/20.

What If Trump Won’t Concede? The answer might surprise you.

Movie Producer Trey Smith Showcases the Kim Clement Prophecies 

Author, Podcaster and Prophet Lance Wallnau weighs in on US 2020 Election Fiasco

Election Litigation Update from Jordan Sekulow on Newsmax

Tucker Carlson Weighs in On Election Fiasco, 11/9/20

Trump Campaign Election Litigation Update

Van Jones of CNN Demonstrates How Flaky A Snowflake Can Be

Author, Podcaster and Prophet Lance Wallnau weighs in on US 2020 Election Fiasco

Election 2020: A Story of Love and Hate

Tucker Carlson on the Mail In Election Fraud of 2020

Dem Corruption is Exposed in 2020 Election Count

Mark Levin Compares Lincoln and Trump

Tucker Spotlights the Whining Dems

Jesse Watters Pre Election Wrap Up. Watter’s World, 10/31/2020.

Mark Levin: “The Time Is Now To Show Up and Save This Country”

The Collapse of the Biden Coalition

Ben Shapiro Why I Am Voting for Trump in 2020

Donald Trump Jr Exposes Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and their Corrupt Money Making Monopoly

Tucker Unpacks More of the Hunter Biden Email Bombshell. 10/15/20

Tucker Carlson Unpacks the Hunter Biden Email Bombshell 10/14/20

Hunter Biden Email Bombshell: Emails From His Laptop As Reported by New York Post

Is the Mother of All Bombshells Getting Ready to Blow?

Senator Ben Sasse Schools the Democrats on Judicial Independence and Religious Liberty

Newt Gingrich Predicts Once Again that Trump Will Win in November

Lara Trump Sends Chris Wallace Into the Twilight Zone Six Times In This Interview

Jesse Watters Gives The Most Powerful Argument for Trump’s Re-Election

Trump Pummels Biden in Final Two Minutes of Debate on the Failed Coup Attempt

Dishonest Kamala Tells A Lie About Honest Abe

“Don’t Let COVID Dominate You!” Why President Trump’s Words Are So Powerful

Mark Levin: “Now is the Time”

This Is Exactly Why A Chris Wallace Interview Is So Painful to Watch!

Lewandowski and Huckabee on Trump’s Courage and Leadership

Rudy Giuliani Calls Trump “A True Leader” and “A Miracle Man”

In Honor of President Donald J. Trump. Get Well Soon Mr. President!

Mic Drop! Lisa Boothe Crushes Dem Operative Richard Goodstein. Martha MacCallum’s The Story 10/1/20

Laura Ingraham Cancels Biden’s Lies and Doublespeak With Hard Economic Facts

Katie Pavlich, Dan Bongino and Erin Perrine Next Day Analysis of Trump-Biden Debate. Hannity 9/30/20

Terrence Williams Unloads on “Moderator” Chris Wallace for Debating Trump. Must Watch!

Dan Bongino Post Debate Evaluation: Trump’s Brilliant Base Strategy Flushes Biden Out

You Called Them “Super Predators,” Joe! Donald Trump confronts Joe Biden in Cleveland Debate 9/29/20

The Attack of the Unhappy People: Tucker Carlson Analyzes the Ugly Dem Assault on Amy Coney Barrett.

Vote Democrat and Watch What Happens!

Antonin Scalia’s Son Weighs in On Amy Coney Barrett Nomination

Roe v Wade Redux 2020 – Pro-Life Clip Shown at The Return, National Mall, September 26, 2020

Prayer for the White House by Franklin Graham Paula White and Greg Laurie. 9/26/2020.

The Return: Prayer for Reformation – September 26 2020.

Amy Coney Barrett: Intimate and Up-Close As Seen Through the Eyes of Her Family and Friends.

Frantic FBI Text Says Trump Was Right! FBI text reveals Something Weird is Going On!

Dan Bongino Showcases Jim Caviezel Mic Drop Moment Quoting Reagan’s “Time to Choose” Speech

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: SCOTUS Hearings Will Showcase the Dem’s Disdain for Women of Faith

SOROS Funded DA’s Are the Root of Our Riot Problems Across America

Senator Mike Lee Weighs in On GOP Scotus Process and Best Choice

Tucker Carlson Drills Down On the Insanity of the Dem Response to Ginsburg’s Death

How Roe vs Wade Changed the Supreme Court. Laura Ingraham 9/21/20

Why Amy Coney Barrett Is the Very Best Choice for SCOTUS

Senator Tom Cotton Says the Dems Can Spare Their Crocodile Tears

Shannon Bream Gives the Rundown on Trump’s Supreme Court Shortlist 9/21/2020

Mark Levin Unloads on the “Diabolical Democrats” 9/20/2020

Candace Owens Responds to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Passing

In Memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Tribute to Time by Phil Keaggy

Biden the Masked Man

1619 Project Tries to Redefine American History – Martha MacCallum on Fox- 9/17/20

Candace Owens: Support of BLM Has Backfired for Biden and the Democrats.

At ABC Townhall President Responds to Question About the Fake Bob Woodward Story & Much More

The Historic Abraham Accord Signing Highlights, 9/15/20 (Hey Joe! Now THIS Is A Big Deal!)

Law and Order or Re-imagining the Police? You Decide!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “The Contrast Is Clear and Trump Needs to Be Re-elected”

Strike Three Chris Wallace! You’re Out! Full Interview With Steve Cortes PLUS Must see Bonus Content

Communism Exposed in 3 Minutes

Charlie Kirk On Where Progressives Have It Wrong

WHOA! Mark Levin Unloads on Joe Biden!

For Decades Joe Biden Has Been Playing the American Workers for Fools. Dinesh D’Souza explains

WalkAway Campaign Leader Shares BLM Bullying Story

Victor Davis Hanson on How We Can Stand Up to the Rioters.

Tucker Carlson Showcases Biden’s Hard Left Ground Game: Left-Wing Rioters In the Streets

Tucker Carlson Showcases the Destructive Left-Wing Legacy of Barack Obama. 9/10/20

Byron York Exposes the Swamp Rat Behind the Impeachment Sham

Donald Trump Jr. On Fire! Hannity Interview 9 8 2020

Trump’s Bigger Than Life Optimism Is Something to Applaud NOT Denigrate

Left-Leaning Reporters Ignore the Big Topics at Hand to Chase Nothingburgers.

Dan Bongino and Leo Terrell Explode Over the Radical Dem Election Coup In Progress. Hannity 9/8/20.

President Trump Labor Day 2020 Press Conference Highlights

Jeanine Pirro Destroys the Lie Peddled by the Atlantic against our President, 9/5/20

Kim Klacik Squares Off With Richard Fowler on Biden vs Trump. Who is Better for Black Americans?

Hillary Says Joe Biden Should Not Concede Under Any Circumstances: The Dem’s Plan to Force A Win

Kayleigh McEnany Showcases Nancy Pelosi Hypocrisy in White House Press Briefing 9/3/20

“The Five” Responds to Pelosi’s Shameless Salon Sham. Greg Gutfeld’s Monologue Is Priceless! 9/2/20

These Racist Lies Have Crept Into the Deep State Since Obama

“On Fire” Leo Terrell Unloads on Michelle Obama MUST WATCH!

Kayleigh McEnany Grills Pesky Fake News Reporter For Asking Paintball Question

“Trump Shows Up and Violence Ends” – Dagan McDowell Unloads On the Dems for Their Hypocrisy

Lara Trump On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. He Couldn’t Lay A Glove On Her.

MUST SEE! Jesse Watters RNC 2020 Highlight Reel and brilliant commentary.

Free Indeed: The Inspiring Story of Alice Johnson

Why the Parents of Slain ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller Support Trump

Kevin McCarthy’s Outstanding Pro Trump, Pro America AD 2020

“Land of Greatness”: the RNC 2020 Day Four Intro.

Is Biden the Manchurian Candidate?

RNC 2020 Finale at White House. Capping the wonder of it all! HD

Mike Pence to Joe Biden: You Suck! Pence speech at the 2020 RNC sets the record straight.

Governor Kristi Noem RNC 2020 Convention Speech, 8/26/20.

Jack Brewer’s Blockbuster Speech at RNC: former NFL star and team captain speaks out for Trump!

25-year-old Congressional Candidate Madison Cawthorn gives inspiring speech at RNC 2020

RNC Convention Day 3 Intro Video: “Land of Heroes.” 8/26/2020

COVID 19 Response Trump2020 AD

Ex-Planned Parenthood Honoree Abby Johnson Speaks Out for the Unborn at RNC Convention 2020

Senator Tim Scott – RNC Convention, August 24, 2020. Amazing Man. Amazing Story. Amazing Speech!

Cissie Graham Lynch at the RNC 2020: Standing Up for the “Free Exercise of Religion.”

First Lady Melania Trump Speaks In Rose Garden at RNC 2020

Tiffany Trump Be True to the Miracle of America

Congressman Matt Gaetz Nails It RNC 2020 Opening Night With A Boatload of Funny One-liners!

Kim Klacik speaks at the RNC 2020 opening night. This Rising GOP star from Baltimore shines bright!

Setting the Captives Free: President Trump’s Amazing Legacy of Negotiating the Release of Prisoners

Nikki Haley RNC 2020 Speech

Cuban Immigrant and Businessman Maximo Alvarez Gives A Passionate Warning to Americans – RNC 2020.

Andrew Pollack, father of Parkland High School Victim Meadow Pollack, Speaks Up at RNC 2020.

RNC 2020 Opening: America Land of Opportunity. Full Version HD

Natalie Harp – Cancer Survivor – Thanks President Trump for Saving Her Life. RNC 2020 Opening Night.

Herschel Walker Speaks Up for Trump at the 2020 Republican National Convention

RNC Opening: Celebrating the Wonder of America

Republicans DO NOT Vote By Mail! This Woman Shows Why!

“Vote Democrat” Meme Tells it Like It Is!

This Couple Blames The “Haters” for Making Them Trump Supporters!

The Best Is Yet To Come! Trump 2020 Ad

Trump Campaign AD: The Joe Biden They Are Trying to Hide From You

Obama Says Trump is Lazy. Now Imagine That! Tucker Carlson 8/20/2020

Lara Trump weighs in on Biden, Obama and Pelosi and the DNC “Selling What Nobody Wants”

Out with the old (Kasich) and in with the New (Klacik)

Kim Klasik: Black Lives Don’t Matter to Democrats!

Rising GOP Star Kim Klacik Interviewed by Laura Ingraham

Black Lives Matter Segment on Martha MacCallum the Story Turns Ugly

President Trump Responds to Michelle Obama

New Trump Ad: “The Bidening”

What Happened to Joe Biden? New Trump Ad Showcases Joe Biden’s Mental Decline In Just 4 Years

Trump Train Mows Down Clunker Joe

Must Watch Biden Gaffe Fest! Get Out the Popcorn!

“Grow Up” by Prager U

AG William Barr: Today’s Corporate Media is the Monolithic Bride of The Democratic Party

Joe Got Rolled, Says Jesse Watters, Kamala is a disaster!

The Myth of the “Big Switch”: Democrat Party Racism Exposed!

Soros and the New Word Order Plan A Reset in 2021. Target: Trump

Trump the Great Peacemaker

Trump announces Middle East Peace Deal 8 13 2020

Trump Announces Elimination of Payroll Tax Giving Money Back to the American People Where it Belongs

Australia Skynews on Kamala Harris as VP: “Bad Pick…Big Time Phoney.”

Kamala Harris Gets the Tucker Treatment! 8/11/2020

Trump’s Kamala Ad: “Perfect for Each Other. Wrong for America.”

Chilling 1969 Film Clip Predicted What Is Happening Today: A Communist Takeover Strategy in Stages

Australian pundit Alan Jones: Trump Out-maneuvered Pelosi and Schumer!

Kayleigh McEnany’s White House Press Briefing Highlights, August 10, 2020

A Satirical Recap of Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace 8 9 2020

The Dem Denial of Religious Rights: Why Democrat Politicians Yawn When Flags and Bibles Are Burned

Trump Signs Four COVID Relief Orders and Shuts Down Pesky Reporter Who Opposed the Action!

Young Black Americans Speak Up for President Trump! The Unfiltered Story the Media is Hiding.

Watch Trump Set Reporter Straight & Watch the Audience Break Out in Cheers Against Fake News! 8/7/20

Former Psychology Today Liberal Editor Testifies that Big Tech Could Easily Swing the 2020 Election

Professor Jason Hill Says Postmodern Nihilism Wants to Cancel our Language, History and Culture

Joe Biden: Unlike Blacks, Hispanics Are Very Diverse

Kayleigh McEnany Reminds Us What The Democrats Were Doing When the COVID-19 Chinese Virus Struck

Mask Wearing Mash: A Humorous Look at where we find ourselves!

The President Is On It and Fauci Is Toast

Candace Owens Discusses Systemic Racism, BLM and White Supremacy With Raymond Arroyo

Chris Wallace GETS OWNED by Senior Trump Campaign Advisor Jason Miller!

Flag and Bible Burning in Portland. These protesters will not be voting for Trump!

A New Jersey Gym Owner Who Has the Spine to Stand Up

Thomas Sowell: Systemic Racism Is A Term That Has No Meaning

Tucker Carlson Roasts Funeral Crasher Obama for His Manipulative Remarks

Jim Jordan to Fauci: Do Protests Increase the Spread of the Virus? He avoids the question

Biden Muslim Ad

Yugoslavian Woman Gives Dire Warning to Americans

The Genius of Trump plus the Resurrection of Kodak equals America’s Pharmaceutical Problem Solved!

Trump to Reporter in North Carolina, “We’re Leading In our Polls.”

Jim Jordan Smokes the Dems With Opening Show

Tucker Carlson and Heather McDonald on the Societal Effects of Collapse of the American Family

The Cancellation of Professor Mike Adams

Candace Owens and Dinesh D’Souza Unpack Socialism 2020

Five Brilliant Minutes With Candace Owens & Dinesh D’Souza on Socialism Resurgence in America

Joe Biden Is Being Prosecuted in Ukraine For Criminal Conduct!

Trump On Biden versus Trump in 2020: “Why I Will Win”

Anti BLM Protestors Cry Out Refund the Police

Candace Owens and Larry Elder Discuss Black vs White

Let’s Talk About Whiteness Part 2: This Sizzling Debate Takes Things Deeper!

Kayleigh McEnany: Obama Paused Testing , Trump Accelerated It.

Hip Hop Star Lil’ Wayne Denounces Black Lives Matter

Whistleblower Uncovers Anti White Race Training in the Deep State

The Smithsonian Chart Describing “Whiteness” Smacks of Racism

Hotel California Becomes A Reality in Pelosi Land

This is Laughable! Hillary Says Trump May Not Accept Defeat in November!

APOCALYPSE NEVER: the Insanity of the Joe Biden Implosion to the Mandates of the Hard Left

AOC Roasted! Kayleigh McEnany and Tucker Carlson Excoriate “Pampered Dilettante”

Dinesh D’Souza on Why We Should Defund the Universities

The Populist Conservative “New Normal”: Laura Ingraham Rolls Out the Plan to Take America Back

Speaking of the Devil: Jim Acosta Is Back! White House Briefing 7/13/2020

Trump 2020 Campaign Ad “911 Call”

Jordan Peterson Gives Best Definition of Postmodernism and 21st Century Marxism

Victor Davis Hansen Says the Left Is Employing Jim Crow Tactics

Proof That For the Left No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Burgess Owens Discusses the BLM Painting Project On 5th Avenue

Kayleigh McEnany Remembers the Slain Children at July 9, 2020 Briefing

Black Lives Matter Terrorist Connections Are Real

Don Lemon Conducts A Workshop on Fake News

Tucker Carlson on Joe Biden and His Totalitarian Handlers

Candace Owens Unloads on BLM’s Hawk Newsome

Mercedes Schlapp Contrasts Biden With Trump

Jordan Peterson on Individual Responsibility vs Group Think

CheckMate! Kayleigh McEnany Shuts Down Reporters With Riveting Indictment

Candace Owens Plus Sheriff David Clarke Equals AMAZING. A MUST WATCH discussion on America in HD!

Trump Salutes America Full Event HD

White House Salute to America 2020

Michelle Malkin Exposes the Heart of Black Lives Matter

Howard Zinn: The Man Responsible for A Generation of American Haters

Mount Rushmore Fireworks Show and Battle Hymn of the Republic by USAF Academy Band, 7/3/2020 HD

President Trump’s Epic Mt Rushmore Speech July 3 2020 HD

BLM Co-Founder Admits; “We Are Trained Marxists”

Trump, Kudlow and Mnuchin Release June Numbers July 2, 2020

Kayleigh McEnany Buries CHAZ, the Failed Dem Seattle Anarchy Experiment

Tucker Carlson Interviews St Louis Gun Toter Mark McCloskey

Martha McCallum: The Charles Love Interview. “White Rage Hurting Black Lives” 6/30/2020

Western Civilization in Five Minutes by Ben Shapiro

Laura Ingraham, Dinesh DSouza and Victor Davis Hanson Discuss America in Crisis

Leo Terrell, Burgess Owens and Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a Dem Crushing Trifecta

Kayleigh McEnany: Anarchy Will Not Be Tolerated. White House Press Briefing, 6/29/2020

Jasmyne Contours Speaks Out to Black America

Candace Owens: What Does Black America Want?

Martha McCallum Interviews BLM Leader Hawk Newsom 6/25/2020

Trump the Establishment and Drain the Swamp! #Trump2020

Mark Levin, Candace Owens and Katie Pavlich Discuss What It Means to Be A Conservative

Candace Owens Knocks it Out of the Park at Liberty University

Big Reveal: When Biden Met Nicolas Maduro, Did He Smell His Hair?

Kayleigh McEnany to Dem Governors and Mayors: Step Up and Do Your Job!

Coleman Hughes Dismantles Systemic Racism

Trump On Fire: The President Launches 2020 Campaign With These Words

Trump Tells Oklahoma Rally Crowd that China and Iran “Will Own the US” If Biden Wins the White House

Trump Tells the Real Ramp Story and Exposes the Fake News Narrative

Jordan Peterson and Brandon Tatum Weigh In On White Privilege

Candace Owens Goes to Congress and She Brings Down the House!

Laura Ingraham on Why Joe Biden Must Be Stopped

Best Political Ad Ever Produced

HERE’S PROOF: Tucker Carlson Had John Bolton’s Number From the Start

Kayleigh McEnany Flays Turncoat John Bolton

Will Jawando vs Shelby Steele on Racism

Burgess Owens ON FIRE 2016 and 2020

President Trump NASA Speech

FLASH BACK: Black Fox Contributor David Webb Accused of White Privilege

Denzel Washington on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

The Invasion of the Thought Police Tyrants Happening Now

Martha McCallum Interviews the Venerable Shelby Steele June 9, 2020

NYC Benevolent Association Pat Lynch Unloads on The Riot Enablers

Kayleigh Makes Reporters Look Like Moths Rushing into the Flame

Kayleigh McEnany Recaps Astounding May 2020 Economic Recovery Numbers

Let’s Talk About Racism In America Featuring Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington & More

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Gets Tackled by Burgess, Patrice and Brewer

Black Patriot Stands Up For Trump. “This is not about you. It’s about America!”

The Problem With Looking At Life Through the Prism of Race: Bob Woodson interview by Tucker Carlson

Candace Owens Opens Up About George Floyd and the Media Narrative